About Us

Sleek, classic, with a twist
We’re a fashion house focused on everyday luxury and obsessed with comfort and exceptional quality with sleek designs.
We believe in looking like a million bucks, not spending it – which is why we go the extra mile to source the absolute best fabrics at the most accessible prices.
We believe in feel good colors, even black and navy makes you feel best, we are here for that.
And of course, we think shopping should be fun.
Consider this your new beginning, a fresh start to be yourself. Welcome, we’re glad you’re here.
Let’s begin.
“to commense, to be yourself”

Our Story

Commense was born out of a necessity for affordable luxury, a core tenement in our mission to bringing you the latest and greatest. We source from similar factories as your favorite designers, ensuring that our quality, fit, and collections show you a story where you’re the main character. We aim to create a community inspired by body positivity, equality, and love for this earth.