The Complete A-line Dress Guide

The Complete A-line Dress Guide

The dress you wear will either make or break your entire look. For this reason, you must take your time and look through your dress choices. While people think that you can wear any dress and look fabulous, the truth is far from it. There are so many dresses in the market, and you need to find one that flatters your looks. Wearing the wrong dress will make you think you are not meant to wear them.

One of these dresses is the A-line dress. These dresses have been around for a long time and will still go down in history as being some of the best dresses in the market. If you are stuck on how to go about saying it, here is how you style women’s A-line dresses.


What is an A-line Dress?


Before we get into the styling guide, you must get to know what an A-line dress is all about. The term A-line can be used for many different dresses but for the better part, it stands for dresses that have a smaller waist or shoulder part to the hems line. While this is a wide description, it gives you an idea of what the dress might look like. You can choose to have an A-line midi dress, an A-line dress with sleeves, or an A-line formal dress. Whatever your choice is, there will always be an A-line dress for every occasion.


How to Choose the Right A-line Dress


If you plan on getting an A-line dress, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. They will act as a guide for you and ensure that you get the best dress that fits and is A-line. Here are some things you need to look at when you finally choose the A-line dress: 


The Fit


If you want to get your A-line dress well flitted, ensure it fits snuggly at your upper body. That way, it will help give off the A shape better. While you might have sleeves and any other details at the top, just ensure the attention is not on the upper body. That way, even without a defined waist, it can still flare out at the bottom.


The Flare on the Hem


Your dress will not be A-line enough without a flare. Do not skimp on the flare. You can add some fabric or even pin and tuck in some areas. That way, you are sure that the hem looks bigger than the top. If you are going for a bit more drama with your dress, then you can start the flare from the shoulders and increase it as you get it to the hem. Whatever your choice, the flare should be easily visible.


Add a few embellishments to the site.


If you want to add more detail to the skirt, ensure you make it minimal. Since it will come with a lot of pleats and gathers, extra embellishments mean that your dress will be way too busy when you are wearing it. Simplicity is everything when it comes to this dress. Not adding the embellishments will mean you let the shape of the dress get the attention.


Choose whatever color you want. 


The best thing about dresses is the color you get them in will not matter unless you are going to a specific occasion. You can choose to get a black A-line dress or a white A-line dress based on where you plan to wear it. The shape will not be altered when you change colors. At the end of the day, whatever colors you love should work for you.


 Choose the right waist definition.


Often one can choose to get an A-line dress and realize it does not have enough definition. With a defined waist, you can be sure that the dress you wear will flatter your curves. If you are not happy with the definition, do not worry about it. You can always define your waistline by adding a belt to the dress. Bigger belts will make your waistline more visible and make the skirt part of your dress look even better.


Select the best length.


You will notice that you can either choose to have a long, mini, or midi A-line dress. All this will depend on your preference and how comfortable you are. If you check out the dresses at COMMENSE, you realize that they come in all these different lengths. If you are stuck on what length to pick, you can get one of each length and see what works for you. The longer dresses are from more conservative environments, while the mini and midi would be perfect for when you want to feel girlish and sexy.


Accessorize well.


The last thing you will need to ensure you do is to accessorize your dress well. As you pick the dress, ensure you look at the accessories you have because they can make or break the look. If the dress has printed and fine details, do not over-accessorize but stay minimalist in your choice of accessories. On the other hand, if you have a dress that might be a bit on the plain side, you can go all out of your accessories. Remember that the star of the ensemble is your dress, and you should ensure you draw attention to it.


Take Away


The dress you choose to wear will say a lot about you. For this reason, you need to consider your outfit choices carefully. A-line dresses have been around for a while, and they keep looking great on most body types. All you need to do is ensure you get the length right and the flow of the skirt. 

If you are stuck on choosing the right A-line dress, worry not. At COMMENSE, we have a variety of dresses that you can choose from. Go through our catalog and pick out what works for you. We have enough A-line dresses to fit every occasion. Take the time and choose what works for you and your current style.

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