The Best Wide Leg Pants You’ll Want to Wear All the Time

The Best Wide Leg Pants You’ll Want to Wear All the Time

As you stock up your wardrobe, wide-leg pants are among the items you might consider adding. They are available in different materials, colors, and designs to match your taste. Buy different styles and have a pro-like collection of fabulous pants. Here are some of the best wide-leg pants for women to keep in mind when shopping.


1.  High Waisted Essential Flare Pants


Show up in these high-waisted flare pants that come in a black shade. They are comfortable and bring out your marvelous figure. Besides, you get them in small, large, medium, extra-large, and extra-small sizes. This high waisted wide-leg pant is made of sixty percent cotton, and the rest is polyamide and elastane. These plain pants provide a skinny fit, and you can wear them to work and other occasions. The waist fits well, and you can pair the pants with whatever looks good on you.


2.  Corduroy Wide Leg Trousers


The Corduroy wide-leg pants are a unique addition to your wardrobe. The khaki color sets them apart from other common colors. They are cozy, and you can wear them to different places. Pair it with a nice shirt and head to work, or wear a sleeveless top with the pants for outings. The trousers also have a front pleat style that enhances their design. These khaki pants are wonderful when you need a break from other solid colors.


3.  Pinstripe Wide Leg High Waisted Trousers


The pinstripe wide-leg pants for women are perfect for the office. You can wear them with a nice belt or none, and the high-waisted design is stunning. The pants come in a navy-blue color and various sizes to ensure a proper fit. If you have been wearing straight-leg pants, you should try wide-leg trousers like the pinstripe pants for a change. These pants are also fashionable, and you can wear them with different types of shoes. They can also be worn in other places besides the office.


4.  Casual Flared Leather Pants


Apart from polyester and cotton, wide-leg pants also come in leather material. Improve your pants collection with these casual high-waisted leather pants. The flared legs are great, and the pants have loops for a lovely belt if you like.

The pants come in a black shade, which looks great with any top color. You can wear them with heels or comfortable shoes and show up to impress. These pants come in small, large, medium, extra-large, and extra-small sizes to choose from.


5.  High Waisted Regular Fit Wide Leg Trousers


These high-waisted wide-leg pants come in black, blue, and purple shades that look spectacular. The light colors are perfect if you are not looking for dark pants. They are available in various sizes as well and consist of polyester.

The material is non-stretch, and the trousers provide a regular fit. The solid colors are perfect for official settings, but you can also wear the pants to other events. These pants are stylish, elegant, and well-designed to ensure you stand out wherever you go.


6.  Street Essential High Waisted Flare Leggings


Your wardrobe should have white and black pants as they match perfectly with any shade. Street Essential provides you with white wide-leg pants for women made of high stretch material. The pants hug the right places of your body to bring out your gorgeous figure. Besides, they are made of 75% nylon, and the rest is elastane.

They provide a skinny fit, and you can wear them during sports and other occasions, along with cozy shoes. They also come in different sizes to give you an excellent fit.  


7.  Asymmetrical High Waisted Wide Leg Trousers


Look elegant in the asymmetrical wide-leg pants that come in a khaki color. They are elegant and have a pleat front for a beautiful, secure fit. The pants are available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes and feature a high-waisted design.

You can wear it with a lovely crop top or any other shirt and step out with heels on looking spectacular. The pants are ideal for various occasions, and the color goes well with many tops. You can add a belt if you like for an even more stunning look.


8.  Single Pleat High Waisted Wide Leg Trousers


These wide-leg pants have a single pleat front and come in a lovely white color. They come in small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra-small sizes and are made of polyester. Besides, the material is non-stretch, and these pants feature a shift fit type.

Pair them with a lovely belt and top, and you are good to go out. You can wear these high-waisted pants to your workplace and any other place.  They are comfortable, simple, and elegant to give you a gorgeous look.


9.  Street Essential Flare Leg Pants


Street Essential provides black wide-leg pants for women made from high-stretch material. The flare legs ensure comfort while the skinny fit flatters your figure. These pants are ideal for sports and other casual scenarios.

They also have a pocket to fit your phone and store some cash. Besides, the leg openings have a slit that adds to the sophisticated design of the wide-leg pants that come in black, light blue, and brown colors. Wear them with cozy shoes and have a good time with friends and family.


10. High Waisted Oversized Trousers


Available in black, grey, and brown colors, these oversized wide-leg pants look amazing. They allow you to make a statement and come in a variety of sizes. The three shades can be paired with various tops, and they all look spectacular. You can wear the pants with a belt if you like and have an easy time moving in comfortable pants. Besides, these trousers have a pleat front that brings together the design.


Take Away


Apart from straight-leg pants, the wide-leg style is a good addition to your wardrobe. Wide-leg pants for women come in various shades and styles, and we have covered some of the best pants to consider buying. You can wear them whenever you want for official and casual occasions. Show off your style and move around in comfortable pants like what we have discussed. 

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