The Best Trendy Flare Pants to Try out the Trend in 2022

The Best Trendy Flare Pants to Try out the Trend in 2022

One thing about flare pants is that they are not as intimidating as they come. Others hail from the 70s, while some are just classic, up-to-date designs. But they are all comfier than regular pants. Suffice it to say, skinny jeans are making way for flare pants, and the fashion world is loving the trend. Whether you've decided on flare pants or are still considering your options, you should know that flares are your best bet for feeling comfortable. They are nice outfits that show off your silhouette perfectly. 

Maybe you are stuck, and you just need to have a hint of what’s trending in the flare pants world. Well, in that case, you've got the list below. Read on.


Meltaway Velvet Flared Leggings


If you are longing to have an outfit that fits your slim body perfectly, or if you simply crave to look hot in flared pants, then you should not overlook the meltaway velvet flared leggings. While they are not so bright, they still pair up nicely with lots of top colors, including green, white, gray, or even blue. 

This pair of slim-fit flared pants is your best chance for a comfy occasion. Its materials are a blend of polyester and spandex. On the outside, the velvet look is polished with a plaid pattern. The fabric is made using a low-density knit.


  • Smaller sizes have a length of 40.4 inches, hips of 29.1 inches, and waist-length of 23.6 inches. 
  • The middling length is 41.1, with a hip and waistline of 32.3 and 26.8, respectively. 
  • Larger sizes feature a length of 42.3 inches, a hip of 37 inches, and a waist-length of 31.5 inches.


High-Waisted Velvet Flare Pants


There is no other imaginable way of starting things off on a specific note other than in blue. High-waisted velvet flare pants are an outfit of their own. You can pair them with a matching shade of blue or even try them out with white or gray. And you never have to worry about comfortability, as they are made with a thin thread. High-waisted velvet flare pants are a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn on a normal working day or a party occasion. 

The fabric used has a slight stretch that goes hand in hand with the shift fit type. Additionally, high-waisted velvet flare pants are a maxi fit made from polyester and spandex material. The pattern on the outside is plain, while the bottom shape is a flare leg. 


  • Smaller sizes range from 42.9 to 43.3 inches long, with hips within 33.1-34.6 and a waist size of 25.2 going up to 26.8 inches.
  • The medium size has a length of 43.7 with 38.6 and 33.1 inches for hips and waist, respectively.
  • The larger sizes' lengths fall between 44.3-44.9 inches, 38.6-40.9 inches for the hip region, and 30.7-33.1 inches for the waist.


High Waisted Belted Flare Slit Trousers


If paired perfectly with white heels and a white top, these green high-waisted belted flare slit trousers seem ideal for a party or an office day. The subtle slits make these flare pants easy to wear. They are a statement style and would be perfect if matched with a creamy white blazer. 

These flare pants have a regular fit, though they are non-stretchy. They are made with about 90% polyester and 10% elastane. The color on the outside is plain green with a slitted hem. 


  • Small sizes are made in lengths of 39 and 39.4 inches and hip sizes of either 36.2 or 37.8 inches, while the waistline is either 26.8 or 28.3. 
  • Medium sizes are 39.8 inches long, with 29.9 inches for the waist and 39.4 inches for the hips.
  • The larger sizes can either be 40.4 or 40.9 inches long, with the waist falling between 32,3 and 34.6 inches and 41.7–44.1 for the hip sizes.


Street Essential-Flare Leg Pants


Assuming you are a yoga person, or you just love working out or simply are a fan of flare pants, this is the pair you need. Street essential flare leg pants are designed for relaxing off days, and they are easy-going with other cotton threads. Their skinny fit is just ideal enough to give your yoga time a flare. 

They are also a regular fit and quite stretchy. The style on the outside is street essential, with a hem-shaped flare leg and plain black color. 


  • Small Street essential flare leg pants in small size are either 29.8 or 40.2 inches, while the waist is 22.8 or 24.4 inches. The hip on the other end is 26.8 or 28.3
  • The medium size is 40.6 inches long, 26 inches at the waist, and 29.9 inches at the hips.
  • Lastly, the large sizes are 41.1 or 41.7 inches long, while the waist length is 28.3 or 30.7. Hips, on the other hand, are 32.3 and 34.6 inches long. 


High Waisted Casual Flared Leather Pants


Finally, if you have been looking for some leather flare pants, here is your best shot now. The high-waisted, casual, flared leather pants are made of 90% polyester and 10% elastane. It’s a slim-fit type with a plain color pattern on the outside. 

They are highly stretchable and perfect when matched with a black, maroon, or white top. Still, you can add a white or maroon blazer with black wedge shoes. They are made for maxi lengths and a statement style.


  • Small sizes have a waistline of 25.2 or 26.8 inches, while the hips are either 33.5 or 35 inches, fitted on a length of 42.9 or 43.3. 
  • The larger sizes’ length is 44.3 and 44.9, while the hips are 39 or 41.3 for extra-large. Lastly, the waist length is 30.7 and 33.1.
  • Medium sizes are 43.7, 36.6, and 28.3 for length, hips, and waist respectively.


Final shot 


Okay, ladies, comfortability in pants somewhat depends on the material used. But for flare pants, that’s guaranteed no matter what. They make good outfits, create an outstanding silhouette, and naturally make your legs seem longer, even when donned with sneakers. Consider them sweatpants with longer legs but slimmer thighs.

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