How to Style a Velvet Dress for Spring

How to Style a Velvet Dress for Spring

How to Style a Velvet Dress for Spring


Gone are the days when velvet was only an autumn and winter fabric. This warm and gorgeous fabric has found its way into our warm-weather closets, and with good reason. Nevertheless, due to its richness and weight, many people see it as too sophisticated for casual wear, but this could not be further from the truth. 

From a fashion point of view, velvet is more of a way to make your non-formal outfit pop! It's fancy and cool to wear and looks incredible in pastel and bright shades. Besides, it is not challenging to wear or style during Spring. 

So, how do you style a velvet dress for Spring? Continue reading to find out!


Casual Outfits 


Long Velvet Dress Overtop


Wear a long velvet dress over a stylish sweater for an informal look. Pick your favorite sweatshirt or sweater that'll provide a comfy base for your outfit. Go for a long dress overtop, giving your outfit a matching casual vibe. For example, you can wear a light blue velvet dress overtop on top of a graphic sweatshirt, then complete your look with a pair of tennis shoes or sneakers. 


Frilly Velvet Dress 


Select a frilly dress and a pair of jeans or tights for a different casual look. It can be somewhat challenging to achieve a casual look; fortunately, it's easy to wear your dress as a chic top. Wear a pair of blue jeans underneath to bring your look together. Depending on your destination and preferences, you can wear heels to amp up your look or slip into tennis shoes or flip-flops for comfort. 


Thin-strapped Velvet Dress 


Another way to look incredible in your velvet dress during Spring is by wearing a thin-strapped dress on top of a cool t-shirt. Choose a classy t-shirt from your closet and wear it, then wear the velvet dress on top of it. This pair makes you look like you're wearing a trendy pair of overalls. 

You can wear a white t-shirt and a black dress for a more unicolor look. Again, you can complete this casual look with a tight choker or denim jacket. 


Short Velvet Dress 


Layer your short dress with a sweater, and wear the velvet dress over it. To finish your look, slip on a leather jacket on top. Go for colors that match well, like a teal sweater and a black leather jacket and dress. 




Boots look magnificent with dresses, and velvet dresses are no exception. They're extremely versatile and are an excellent option if you're looking to achieve the perfect casual yet fancy look. You can go for boots sporting a chunky heel or something classier.


Flat Casual Shoes 


Wear a pair of chic flat shoes to complete your casual look. Sneakers are an excellent option; despite the dress you're wearing. Again, you can choose a more laid-back appearance with slippers or socks, if it's what you like. 

For example, you can wear a velvet dress over a cool sweater and wear a pair of sneakers, or achieve a summery appearance by completing with its wedges. 


Formal Look 



Wearing your velvet dress at your workplace is also a good idea, and here is how to achieve that:


Knee-length Velvet Dress


Wear a knee-length dress and pair it with a blazer for a formal vibe. The velvet dress will be your outfit's base. Pick a blazer that compliments your dress to achieve a cohesive, professional look. Neutral shades tend to be on the safer side in terms of blazers. For example, a mix and match navy blue blazer and lavender velvet dress. Again, simple yet sophisticated accessories like handbags or clutch bags are the perfect addition to complete your look. 


Velvet Dress & Trench Coat 


Achieve an on-the-go appearance with a trench coat and a velvet dress. Wear your dress as your outfit's focal point, and carry or wear a trench coat. You might want to contrast your jacket with your dress. For instance, wear a velvet dress that's brightly colored to contrast with a dark-colored trench coat. Complete your look with a pair of stylish sunglasses. 


Velvet Dress & Velvet Shoes 


Are you looking to achieve a sophisticated look? Then this is how to do it. Choose a velvet dress and shoes. You don't have to limit your outfit to a velvet dress only. If the velvet shoes pair well with your dress, then go for it! For instance, you can go for a solid velvet dress and dark-colored high-heeled velvet shoes. 

What's more, you can play around with other velvet accessories like blazers. All the same, don't use more than two of these accessories in one outfit. 


Short Velvet Dress 


Slip into a short velvet dress to attain that stylish red-carpet appearance. While short dresses can achieve a casual look, they can also look official. Look through your wardrobe for one that fits perfectly and shows your features. For example, you can wear a solid-colored dress with high heels or comfy flat shoes. 

This dress is an excellent option for a formal look and happy hour with friends after work. 


Velvet Dress and an Elegant Jacket 


Pair your favorite dress with a classy jacket. Typically, velvet dresses work decently in all types of weather. But, to be safe, carry a jacket that will keep you warm and add a bit of flair to your look. 

For example, you can wear a long velvet dress and a fur-cuffed dark jacket over top. Again, you can go for a trench coat or blazer. 


Final Word 


Are you looking to easily and comfortably wear a velvet dress during Spring? Or are you simply looking to add a touch of velvet to your look? Why not incorporate a velvet accessory into your look. Besides a velvet dress or shoes, you can also try out a clutch, handbag, backpack, or hair accessory. 

Despite the choice you make with velvet, you are guaranteed to look amazing this Spring! And don't forget; to select one velvet clothing and one accessory per look to avoid looking like you're trying too much. 

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