How to Pick Winter Clothing is Figure Flattering for You

How to Pick Winter Clothing is Figure Flattering for You

  Winter is coming, and most people want to buy a bunch of sweaters and coats to create a warm and charming atmosphere for the styling style. However, the material of winter clothing is generally heavy, and the body proportion is not ideal. Please pay attention to this blog if you want to look thinner in winter.
  The first step to a slim look is to wear garments that are the right size, not too loose, and definitely not too tight. To emphasize your waistline is a tip that many people often ignore in their daily outfits, especially when watching some model's outfit photos, the loose sense of the single item on the model to wear has a good outlooking, but on yourself, that has the wear appears bloated feeling, then there may be no waistline manufacturing, so the overlook of your body line will be cut in half and appear fat, The benefit of raising the waistline can not only bring your looks taller than before but also make your legs look longer, which is one of the indispensable points of slimming and matching.

Commense Winter Styling Idea: A-line skirt + Sweater

  It is recommended to wear a sweater top and choose dresses with figure-flattering, such as A-line skirts, which can hide your big pelvis. Dressing with a Bronzework Knitted Ribbed Sweater top can also present an elegant dressing feeling so that thin wearing instantly creates a different modeling expression.
Commense Bronzework Knitted Ribbed SweaterCommense Creamy Latte Skirt

Commense Winter Styling Idea: Belted Midi Length Coats

  It is very important to choose a suitable belted coat, which can not only protect you from the cold and keep you warm but also make you look thinner. These belted coats suit you of all shapes and sizes. The body adopts a slim-fitting waist version design, and the fuzzy design of the cuffs reduces the casual feeling and raises the exquisite. The material of the Prudence Fuzzy Wool Coat is very soft and delicate. The thick fabric of the body and the length of the midi style make it very warm in winter.

Commense Prudence Fuzzy Wool CoatSingle Breasted Buckle Sleeve Mid Length Lined Trench Coat

Commense Winter Styling Idea: Belted Shearling Leather Jacket

  A Teddybear Shearling Leather Jacket uses a short version and adds a belt under the waistline part. Shearling material lets you feel very comfortable to touch. At the same time, the warm effect is also very good, waist rope corded waist design can reflect your perfect body shape and can help you look thinner in winter.

Commense Teddybear Shearling Leather Jacket

Commense Winter Styling Idea: Belted PU Jacket

  If you are the apple body shape and have a short neck, then you must avoid choosing a top with a small collar or no collar, such tops from the side will appear to make your upper body thicker. It is recommended to try the mix-and-match routine of wide on the top and narrow on the bottom to cover the upper body shape and expose the thinnest part of your body to highlight the slimming effect of the daily outfit. At this time, it is recommended to focus on the stiff material of the Grease Lovin' PU Jacket, and opt for leggings or jeans. It is a nice outfit.

Commense Grease Lovin' PU JacketHigh Waisted Contouring Slit Leggings


Commense Winter Styling Idea: Wide Leg Pants

  After talking about the tip of winter outfit of apple body shape, let's move on to pear body shape girls! It is recommended to use the shape of a narrow top and wide bottom for pear body shape girls to wear with a slim feeling in winter. For example, a fitted coat and Hook-and-Loop Fastener Wide Leg Pants can create a waistline at the same time, and the wide pants can hide the big pelvis and the fat of your legs so that you can cover the shortcomings of your bottom area to emphasize you look thinner in winter.
Commense Basic Turtleneck Ribbed BlouseCommense Hook-and-Loop Fastener Wide Leg Pants

Commense Winter Styling Idea: Vest + Leather Skirt

  Choosing the same color of vest + leather skirt, matching colors that extend upward through the vision is one of the most popular styles worn by fashionistas. Straight and elongated shapes can raise the version of people's height and make the whole look straight and slender.

Commense Aviator Shearling Leather VestCommense Faux Leather Drawstring Skirt


Commense Winter Styling Idea: Glen Plaid Suit

  Wear the same color suit style, the upper body combined with the modified version of the suit jacket, the bottom with wide pants, and the straight line version can be striking the slimming wear in the winter. You can try those Glen Plaid outfits at Commense.

Commense Glen Plaid Jacket

  Welcome to Commense . Here you can find a comfortable and natural basic style, through a reasonable combination!


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