How to Dress for a Wedding 

How to Dress for a Wedding 

Getting the invite to a wedding can be fun then turn into a nightmare when you think of what to wear. While some weddings will come with a dress code, some will let you choose independently. If you are stuck on what to do and how to follow the dress code, then here are some pointers that will come in handy for you. 


Figure out What the Dress Code Means


Fashion mistakes often happen because you do not know what to wear to which occasion. The dress code will often be addressed as a formal, casual cocktail, and the like. Knowing what clothes go with what dress code will come in handy. Here are a couple of things you can wear based on the different dress codes. 

  • Wear a velvet dressfor a formal dress code. A velvet dress will work very well with a formal dress code because often, they need a gown to go for the occasion. There are different designs for this kind of dress code but the better part, ensure it is a floor-length gown. Your gown can have some cleavage showing but do not go overboard with it because the aim is to look classy.
  • Wear an off-the-shoulder dress for a black-tie event. Even though black-tie is considered formal, the rules are less strict than the actual formal dress code. You will still wear the floor-length gown, but you can tone it down with off-the-shoulder straps.
  • Wear a bareback silk dress for a cocktail dress code. The cocktail dress code is a time for you to look elegant and sexy, so you can show some skin with your gown. While there are no rules for the length of your dress, you could always get a figure-hugging gown with a bareback. That way, you look sophisticated elegant at the same time.
  • Wear a short sundress to the casual dress code. Weddings at the beach are very causal, so one thing you can do is get your favorite short sundress for this kind of dress code. There is also the option of wearing streetwear, though you will look out of place when you try that.


Dress for the Weather


The other thing you need to do when going to a wedding is figuring out where it will be held and what the weather will be like. You might often get an invite to a tropical wedding, which means the place is very hot. Other times the wedding might be in a winter wonderland. Before you get the dress, remember to prioritize comfort over style.

A heavy velvet dress might look good, but that means you will be sweating through a tropical wedding. On the other hand, you will freeze when you wear a short sundress to a winter wedding. Check the invitation to determine whether the weather and location will make you uncomfortable in the dress you choose.


Avoid Prom Dresses


Even though you might have worn your prom dress once, now is not the time for you to wear it to the wedding. Brides often gravitate to prom-style dresses for their bridesmaid, and if you wear those, you might be mistaken for a bridesmaid. Ensure that the dress you settle on is elegant and classy and will not have you looking like everyone in the lineup. 


Decency over Style


While you might want to put your best fashion style-forward, sometimes this can go overboard. While dressing sexy for a wedding might not be a bad thing, you end up looking bad in front of the other guests. The best way to avoid this is to dress up like you are going to church. If you can wear your outfit to church, you should fit right in at a wedding.


Avoid Dressing up in White


Even though some brides might not choose to wear white at their wedding, many brides wear white. Wearing white, especially a white gown, will make you stand out and not for a good reason.  You should settle on any other color save for white when it comes to wedding colors. There are times when the bride might ask you to avoid certain colors, but they are very open-minded about the dresses you wear for the general part. All you need to do is not show up like you are upstaging her.


Avoid Sequins


Weddings have so many flashes and pictures that a dress with sequins can be very reflective. If you plan on getting a dress with sequins, chances are all the pictures taken of you will have a lot of reflection. If you need to wear a dress with sequins, ensure you keep them to a minimum. You can have a trimming on your waistband or a small pattern on your dress. That way, attention is not drawn to the sequin pattern but rather to the entire dress.


Get Your Little Black Dress


If you do not want to show up for a new dress, then you can always raid your closet once more.  Often you realize that you have very few options but still want to look good for the wedding. You should go back to your little black dress in such a scenario.  The LBD looks good for all occasions, and you will fit in even if you had nothing for the occasion.


Wear a Previous Wedding Dress


If you still find yourself out of option, you can choose to wear a dress you wore to a previous wedding. The good thing with this is, you will still look good and do not have to worry about looking out of place with your dress. A tip with wearing a previous wedding dress outfit is not to wear it to consecutive weddings because people will notice.  

Dressing up for a wedding should be fun and not have you thinking too much into it. With the ideas above, you know what to expect for a wedding you are invited to and how to dress accordingly. Do not stress the minor details on such to a point where you do not enjoy the wedding because you feel like you are out of place.

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