How to Choose the Perfect Dress for Your Body Type

How to Choose the Perfect Dress for Your Body Type

How to Choose the Perfect Dress for Your Body Type


Fashion and style are all about feeling confident and expressed in everything you wear. But to nail this, you must know how to choose the perfect dress for your body type, one that is flattering yet perfect-fitting. If you fail to, you will put yourself down for picking dresses that don’t compliment your body.


Body Types and How to Dress Them


The first step is to learn your body shape. Four body types predominantly dictate how to choose ideal dresses.


1. Pear/Triangle Shape


You have a pear shape if you have a wider waist than the bust. The hips and thighs are full, and the upper body is thinner. The best dresses for this body type should create balance by accenting the upper body.


Dressing a Pear Shape


The best dresses for triangle bodies are those with details on the bust area. These include strapless v-necklines and fitted open-necks. The bottom of the dress should also be A-line or full-length to balance the wide hips.

You will also look amazing with a flair dress because it adds volume to your bust area and thin waist. Maxi and shift dresses are also fabulous because they conceal full hips and thigs and add symmetry.


What to Avoid

  • Straight cut and oversized dresses
  • Dresses with short hemlines
  • Curve-hugging dresses
  • Full and puffy skirts


2. Hourglass/Curvy Shape


If you have curvy hips and full thighs, an averagely tiny waist, and a wide bust area, this is your body type. Usually, the bust and hips measurements are roughly the same. With this figure, your upper body is proportional to your leg length and accentuates the waist.


Dressing an Hourglass Shape


Go for dresses that flaunt your curves! The top choices should be figure-wrapping and form-fitted dresses that align with your body line. Wrap, mermaid, and bodycon dresses should also not miss in your closet.

Other options to consider are jumpsuits and rompers with belted waits. The goal is to get dresses that solely accentuate your waistline as well as highlight your curves.

The best for necklines, v-lines, open, form-fitting, clinched-in, scoop, or sweetheart necklines. They are narrow and low, which balances your body.


What to Avoid

  • Fabrics that hug the wrong places; shapeless and baby-doll dresses
  • Empire waist styles
  • Oversized dresses without adding a belt


3. Apple/inverted triangle Shape


Apple shape is the opposite of pear shape. Your upper body is wider than your hips and thighs. Your hips are not as curvy as an hourglass, and your waist is not defined. Apple body shapes are ‘round’ with flatter bottoms and more weight around the waist area.


Dressing an Apple Shape


Focus on clothes that do not highlight your upper body only. Such are dresses have full-flowing bottoms that de-emphasize your bust and shoulders. Your number one priority should be dressed with belted styles and drop-waists.

Apple body shapes also look good in empire-waists and embellished tops. A-lines and v-lines are also ideal since they draw attention to your midsection.

Fortunately, there are so many ways to dress apple shapes. You can either choose to define your waist highlight your curves. Remember that your biggest asset is your legs, so short dresses and skirts work too.


What to Avoid


  • Any dress that highlights your waist area
  • Natural and horizontal waistlines
  • Form-fitting and peplum dresses
  • Bulk, excessive, or heavy fabrics


4. Athletic Shape


Athletic bodies are straight or rectangular. Your weight is evenly distributed with broad shoulders and barely a defined waistline. Even though you are not curvy, per se, your upper and lower body measurements are almost the same.


Dressing an Athletic Shape


It is easier for athletic body types to pull off an hourglass shape – it all lies within the necklines. So, opt for sweetheart, round and off-shoulder necklines because they create a harsh line that hides broad shoulders.

To define your midsection, go for draping or cinched waistlines. They will work up your lines and angles and balance your straight shape. Athletic bodies are less full, so adding textures and playing with patterns helps. V and U-necklines are also recommended. If you are ever in doubt, you can rely on a wrap, asymmetrical, and halter dress to work magic.


What to Avoid

  • Extremely short hemlines
  • Fabrics that stretch out your midsection
  • Strapless and spaghetti-strapped dresses
  • Rigid and oversized dresses
  • Square, straight necklines


5. Petite


Petite has not been considered a body type, but most designers and fashion experts have recently included it. This category is for small-bodied ladies, usually not taller than five feet.


Dressing a Petite Body


Since petite ladies have a lean physique, they need to highlight their shape to appear more flattering. Fitted dresses usually paired with a belt work wonders. You can also take advantage of the small stature and rock short dresses with asymmetrical hemlines. This hack will make you seem taller.

Also, wear dresses with vertical prints and v-necklines to elongate your silhouette.


What to Avoid

  • Long and loose fabrics
  • Boxy necklines
  • Wide bottoms
  • Heavy-layered fabrics


Where to Get Perfect Dresses for All Body Types


Dressing your body perfectly needs information and practice. It might take you a while before you get the hang of it, but once you know where to accentuate and where not to draw attention, you are well on your way to being your designer.

First, be aware of your shape and take measurements to avoid endless fashion horror stories. The next thing you should do is the only shop in reliable stores, especially online. Lastly, observe how celebrities and fashion enthusiasts with your exact body type dress and to try experimenting.

Before shopping for dresses, ensure you research potential stores. Luckily, you can solve all your apparel-related issues at the Commense Store. You will find all dress designs – long, short, casual, official, sexy – you name it!

Finally, always keep in mind that if it feels uncomfortable, it probably looks unflattering. Use the guide above and your instincts to dress your body in the most gratifying way!

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