10 Trending Slit Dresses to Shop in 2022 

10 Trending Slit Dresses to Shop in 2022 

Wearing a dress is a great way for you to look and feel feminine. It has an allure to it that you would never get with other types of clothes in the market. Dresses are made with different designs, one of those being a slit. Getting a slit on a dress elevates the current style and makes it look even better than it had in the beginning. If you have never had a dress with slits, then there is a chance you have no idea where to start from. Here are some of the slit varieties in the market and how you can rock them.


1. Side Slit 


One of the common slit dresses has got to be the side slit dress. You get a slit side-dress that goes up one of your legs to your thigh with this dress. Most people like a dress with a side slit because of how good it looks when sowing of one thing. There is no rule on which side the slit should be because it looks great either way. It is a favorite for most people who love slit dresses.


2. Side Mini Slit 


If you are looking for a casual slit dress, this is the best option. The slit is there but not so high, and you can be sure that you will get something that will look amazing either way. With this mini slit, you get to show off some legs without going too overboard. You can wear this as you work on getting a longer dress.


3. Back High Slit


If you are looking for a high-slit formal dress for the red carpet, you might want to consider going for the high back slit. It is perfect for dresses that are a size or two smaller than a long bodycon dress and can be considered a sexy slit dress by most people. It is one of those dresses you would wear for most special occasions.


4. Back Mini Slit


If you want a more subtle approach to the back slit, then the mini slit is perfect. It works with most bodycon skirts since it allows room for enough movement without drawing too much attention to the person wearing it. It is the perfect slit on your everyday dress since you can wear that dress to any event and still look great. Many people who have worn it have admitted that they feel quite comfortable and confident in their clothes.


5. Front High Slit


If you are a diva and love getting the attention of everyone around you, then the front slit dress is the perfect choice for you. It oozes confidence and should be worn by someone who knows how to walk gracefully. Avoid wearing this kind of slit dress if you plan to walk for too long or use the stairs.


6. Front Mini Slit


Another variation of the first high slit would be the mini slit. It is perfect for a shorter dress and would still look amazing even when the dress is slightly shorter. It is better for you if you want a sexy slit dress but still can walk long distances and even climb a couple of stairs. Most people who have never tried front slits start with this type.


7. M Slit


If you are daring, then this is the slit you should try. Also known as the double-slit, this slit can go you to your waist. It is a statement slit and will get heads turning whenever you go. If you want to style it up, then you can add on a pair of strappy heels for this look.

Ensure you get good underwear with this slit because granny panties will show as you move. It might look like a lot of work. You will look really great at it if you can pull this off.


8. Multiple Slits


If you are looking for a summer dress with a slit, then getting multiple slits to dress is the best option for you. not only will you look good in it, but you also get to feel amazing as you wear it. It is the perfect dress for summer since the slits let your dress blow in the wind. It also goes well with floral patterns, which are common in summer.


9. Flouncing Slit


If you want to add a bit of a flair to your dress and slit, this is the perfect option. The slit looks great and gives off a sporty yet fun look to the dress. It is perfect for all body types, so that is not something you wud worry too much about. Pair it up with some heels or even strapped sandals, and you are good to go. It is perfect for a garden event because it is so casual.


10. Asymmetrical Slit


If you want something eye-catching, this is the best option. The slit starts from one side of the dress to the other and is the best option for you, especially if you want to cause a buzz with your dress. It is perfect for dinner dresses that are not so flowy since it adds some flair to the entire thing. Most ladies who wear this kind of slit look amazing without looking too dolled up. When put on a shorter dress, it can pass for a formal look which is a huge plus.


Wrap Up


The slit on your dress will either make or break your look. one thing you need to ensure you do when it comes to this look is to get something that looks amazing on you and suits the occasion. Do not be afraid of experimenting with the kind of slit you had in mind. You might just end up liking it and finding your slit alongside it.

The other thing you need to do is keep in mind the occasion. Some slits can be bold and therefore bets for parties, while others can be worn in the office. Knowing about all that will go a long way to ensure you look at your best when you step out.

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